Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twenty-five weeks and asserting herself!

Peanut seems to have hit a serious growth spurt the past few weeks. I am now large enough that sleeping has started to become a logistical challenge: every hour-and-a-half I wake up to flip over or visit the restroom, because whatever I have been sleeping on (especially hip-wise) is sore. However, turning over is not so difficult yet that I weigh the pros and cons of just sleeping on the sore side, so for that I am grateful.
At 22 weeks Jon was first able to feel Peanut's kicking, and now Peanut is big enough that I can see her movements from the outside. She is an active little critter! And more than that, she is exquisitely sensitive to any changes in her environment, be they mechanical or chemical. For example, antacids seem to make her kick. I suppose her favorite food will be Tums! Another example: earlier this week when I was startled awake by my alarm clock, two seconds later Peanut began thrashing like she had been startled too. I guess adrenaline also crosses the placenta! Based on her fitfulness in the womb, I predict that Peanut will either be really bright or really bratty...or both.
It has been difficult to wait for the next round of ultrasounds. I like being able to see that Peanut is doing ok, and just hearing her heartbeat is not enough (although she did hiccup for the Doppler at our 25-week appointment, which was pretty cool!). We are only two weeks away from the big 3-D ultrasound, which should net us both photos and a video--I can't wait.
The past few months have been extremely busy, and as such we have not made any progress on the naming or nursery preparation front. But it is Spring Break now, so once my grading is done, Jon and I will start cleaning, arranging, and washing clothes. Thank you to Merritt, Bob, and Wendy for the fabulous hand-me-downs!

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