Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thirty weeks and growing...

Peanut is getting checked out every week now: quick ultrasound, amniotic fluid measurement, biophysical profile. It is relatively early in the pregnancy for such frequent appointments, but I think Dr. Baer wants to be careful. No protests from the parents in this case!
In week 28 the ultrasound technician started detecting extra amniotic fluid around Peanut, a condition called polyhydramnios. It is not bad yet, but if it continues, I might expand at an even greater rate than I am already! I know I haven't gained that much weight, but I'm pretty sure I'm "more huger" now than I was at 30 weeks with Liam. The extra fluid will not harm Peanut, especially because she will be delivered via c-section (the condition is associated with an increased risk of cord prolapse during labor).
Along with the beach-ball-ization of my midsection, I have been experiencing more intense kicks by Peanut, often in the guts or the bladder. The kicks correspond with Peanut's presumed hunger and responses to food--she still kicks the most for Tums--and with changes in my position. Just like her brother, she hates it when I prop a book on her in the evenings. But Jon loves it, because then he can witness the kicking for himself.
Last week I had a terrifying dream that I lost Peanut. The content of the dream was centered around the aftermath...Jon and me standing in the rain, next to a dark sedan, at a park or cemetary with an expansive lawn framed by weeping willows. I know the dream is a reflection of my increased anxiety that something will go wrong. When the anxieties start to mount, I like to repeat the mantra I first heard from another grieving, expecting parent: "Most babies live."
On a happier note, we are making some progress with the nursery. We've removed and washed all of the cloth and softer items, and this weekend we'll hopefully get around to cleaning all of the surfaces. Baby clothes are all washed and categorized by size, and baby book is on order.

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  1. You look terrific!! I'm glad to hear everything is going well. Are we going to get a preview of baby names??