Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The home stretch (35 weeks)

I would never have imagined such a smooth pregnancy for Peanut; every week she aces her biophysical exam, looks fabulous on the ultrasound, and impresses Sue (the ultrasound tech) and Dr. Baer. The polyhydramnious has subsided. Last week Sue announced that Peanut was head down and had dropped. This latter fact does not have any bearing on Peanut's delivery, as our little one will be arriving via trapdoor; however, it is reassuring.
On the other hand, this has been a difficult pregnancy for me physically. The hiatal hernia makes me feel like I have been punched in the stomach all the time, so I am out of breath and almost never hungry. There is also the usual pregnancy stuff: sore hips, acid reflux, sleeplessness, and other common things that I won't mention. Every week I say to Dr. Baer, "She looks done enough to me--let's get her out". And he laughs.

We bought a fetal heart monitor (not a Doppler or an ultrasound, just an amplifier), because the days when Peanut does not move much throw me into anxious fits. It was around this time with Liam that my blood pressure started to really spike, my body started to swell, and my former OB started to talk about inducing labor. I recall that time as my "naive period", when I could have done something to save Liam if I had known what was to transpire. And guess what: my feet have officially started swelling. I think it is time to break out Jon's blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.


  1. I'm so glad you're having an easy (for the most part) pregnancy! And I honestly can't believe you're just weeks away from having your baby girl. I'm just so excited for and Jon and cannot wait to see LOTS of pictures!

  2. I just read your post again, and this time I focused on you more than I did the baby. I'm so, so, so sorry you're suffering with the hernia, reflux, sleeplessness, and general aches and pains that no one but another woman who had been pregnant can understand. The last few weeks of my pregnancies were the longest! And every time I saw the midwife and learned there was no change to my cervix made me NUTS!!

  3. My last OB was a wonderful family practice doctor from Ireland, with a family practice doctor husband and 4 children under 5 (twins!) So the only response I ever got to my complaints was "don't ya just hate that?"