Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time for serious preparations

We are at t minus 2.5 weeks until Peanut's c-section. Classes are over, grading is done, and my remaining administrative tasks (associated with professional connections, not school) are only filling a part-time slot in my life right now. My semester-long sabbatical has officially begun.

Finally it is time to enter into Babyland!

We are well outfitted for Peanut's arrival already, but everything is in disarray, and we really need to do an inventory to see what we are missing. We have begun to tackle the nursery, which had become random storage. We removed everything and cleaned it thoroughly. Lizz's fabulous murals are in good shape, so all we needed to do was gently clean the walls. Furniture-wise, we added a couple of storage pieces to what we already had, so that we could accommodate cloth diapers and diapering supplies, toys, and some clothing.

Both of our carseats are hand-me-downs; one is new enough that we can still use it, but the other one may be past the safe six-year mark. Earlier this week we pulled the seats apart to clean them. And of course when any soft, ergonomic surface appears on the floor, guess who has to give it a try...

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  1. And her name is......
    If you're not careful, some day she'll be one of those bridge-playing old ladies in Florida that everyone still calls Peanut... : )